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Car Insurance Policy Tips For Maximum Deductible Savings

In Texas, an auto body shop can charge an insurance company the maximum rates for both car repair and replacement parts. This means that if an insurance company can find a way to influance a auto body shop in their direct repair program, repair shops may skip some repair work or use low-quality auto body parts in the collision repair to cut cost. Meanwhile, the deductible is always taken in full amount. A deductible is the out-of-pocket expense that insurance holders pay for an auto collision repair even if they have insurance coverage.

However, at Miracle Body and Paint, the deductible that customers pay become smaller because of labor and car parts discounts. Customers get a 5% discount on labor and 5% discount on car parts. The auto body repair and paint shop also gives a free rental vehicle after 30 days of repair has passed, so customer can have a car to use while their car is being serviced.

Getting a Car Insurance Policy

We work with every major insurance company, including Geico, State Farm, Progressive, Farmers and USAA. While we have a great relationship with these companies. our priority is always to protect our customer on every repair. We don’t cut corners on the repair because an insurance company tries to cut things off the auto body repair bill.

Coverage Premiums and Deductibles

The first thing to consider is coverage for a car accident. Normally, the one at fault in a car collision will be charged more for repair costs incurred. Consequently, the victim will have a much less financial burden. Before deciding which insurance coverage premium to choose, decide whether incurring expenses above the premium are manageable or not. Higher premiums give a higher amount of insurance coverage but are pricier than lower premiums.

As mentioned, a deductible offers a way for an insurance holder to share risks with the insurer. Having a higher deductible means having a lower premium, but it also means having to pay a higher amount of out-of-pocket expenses for repairs because of a car collision. Getting a lower deductible lowers the amount paid in expenses on top of the insurance coverage limit.

Choice of Coverage: Collision and Comprehensive

Personal preference is not the only thing that is taken into account in insurance policy coverage. Car ownership is also an important consideration when choosing the type of coverage to get for an insurance policy. Cars that are being leased or financed are required to have both collision and comprehension insurance policies. But, cars that are not leased or financed, such as fully-owned cars, can be have either a collision or a comprehensive option.