Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 1
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Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 2

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Miracle Auto Body and Paint wants to help you make the best decision possible when choosing a San Antonio auto body repair shop. In this three week series we will deal with the most common types of insurance coverage claims you will need to consider when dealing with an auto body collision center.  Every time you are involved in an auto accident and you want to have your car or truck repaired your first step is getting an auto damage estimate. This lets you and your insurance company know how much collision repair damage needs to be repaired on your vehicle. What do you do if it’s not your fault? This week we will discuss how liability insurance works when the other guy’s insurance company is paying for your collision repair.  We also have great news on how you can get a deductable rebate since you likely will not be paying a deductable.

Once the other insurance company accepts liability they will try and get you to use their preferred shop. This does not mean that that shop is preferred because they do better quality auto body and paint repair. This shop is most likely preferred because they give the insurance carrier a discount on auto body repair in exchange for their recommendation.  The important thing to remember is that in the state of Texas you have the right to have your repairs done anywhere you choose no matter what the insurance company tries to make you believe.  So why should you choose Miracle Body and Paint?

At Miracle Body and Paint we provide the absolute best auto collision repair service in San Antonio.  Miracle is an independent shop whose owner is on site, not in some office in some other state. Manuel Rubio personal inspects each collision repair and has more quality check points than any other collision center in San Antonio.

Lastly Miracle Body and Paint is the first shop in San Antonio that will provide you with a deductable rebate in the event that the other guys insurance carrier is picking up the repair. This works because we normally provide a discount on your deductable if you and your insurance company had to pay for the repair. However, since the other insurance company is paying for your damage and you have no deductable, we give you a check for the amount of the discount you would have received. This means that if you would have received a deductable discount of $300 on your repair that we will give you a check for $300. We work harder to make your experience of dealing with an auto accident as bearable as possible. No preferred shop from the other guys insurance company would dare offer this to you.  If you are involved in an auto accident, let Miracle Body and Paint be your first choice in auto collision repair.