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Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas – Collision Repair Shop Tour — Part 3
What to do if you have Hail Damage in San Antonio
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Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 3

You may remember that there are approximately 400 auto accidents in San Antonio every day. These accidents are enough to keep all of the auto collision centers in San Antonio pretty busy.  Unfortunately, auto accidents are not the only thing you have to protect your car from. In San Antonio, storms are not very frequent, but they do occur, and when they do they leave thousands of damaged vehicles in their wake.  This brings us to the part of your insurance coverage that you are most likely to use in your life time, comprehensive. Even if you never drove your car, you may need to file a comprehensive claim, so what should you expect.

Comprehensive claims (comp) are referred to by many in the insurance field as acts of God. These are events that are almost always unavoidable and you as the insured may not be responsible for in any way. The more common comp claim you may encounter is a chipped windshield, but comp claims can often cause more auto damage than most collisions. This is because nature can strike in a moment’s notice.  Hails storms can easily total thousands of cars in a city in just a matter of minutes. Limbs are blown onto parked vehicles and rock chips on the road can slowly cause rust to form from a scratch as thin as a piece of paper. Did you know that the acid in bird droppings can force you to need a new paint job on your car in as little as 3 days? The best advice you can heed if you find yourself needing repairs because of damage to your car or truck not caused by a collision is to get an estimate from Miracle Body and Paint. We can give you an accurate estimate and let you know how quickly or how much time you can wait before having your repairs done.

You may be wondering. “What about my deductable?” At Miracle Body and Paint we discount comprehensive deductibles too.  We apply the same 5% on parts and 10% on labor discounts that we do on collision repairs so you don’t have to come up with so much money out of pocket.  These discounts are normally given by most shops to the insurance company but at Miracle Body and Paint we know that you are our customer, not the insurance company, so we pass the discounts directly to you. If you have damage to your vehicle from a collision or not, bring your car by our auto body and paint shop and we will let you know how much money you can save.