FAQ – San Antonio | Auto Body and Paint | Collision Repair | Auto Body Repair | Auto Body Shop
1Will you pick up my Vehicle?
Yes. We can pick up your vehicle if it is drivable. If your car is not driveable we can have your vehicle towed using Richard’s Towing Company or Texas Towing. Call us and we can make arrangments. If you would like it towed here are two trusted companies we recommend. Richard’s Towing Phone # (210) 771-8366 Texas Towing Phone # (210) 220-1000
2How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
The length of time needed for your repair is dependant on the amount of damage done to your vehicle. We suggest you allocate one week for every $1000 of the estimate. These days are distributed from Monday – Friday. Weekends are not included in the number of repair days.