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Insurance Companies and Your Deductible

During an unfortunate auto accident, even the best drivers can sometimes feel very vulnerable. Finding yourself in this situation may make you feel unsure on where to get help. At this moment you need to be assured that not only your car but also your life can get back to normal as soon as possible. Insurance companies will require you to get an estimate quickly especially when your vehicle has been severely damaged. Some insurance companies will even try to suggest an auto repair shop that they have chosen ahead of time. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be discussing why you should steer away from this practice and go with an independent auto repair shop for an estimate.

One thing’s for sure, insurance companies know how to save money. A lot of them already have a list of preferred shops that they have pre cut deals with. This agreement allows the insurance company to pay less when it comes to car parts and repair labour in exchange of getting recommended to all of their customers who gets involved in an auto accident. This can lead to the auto repair shop not to focus on the quality of work but on the amount of cars they need to finish servicing instead. Insurance companies also want these shops to get the repairs done very quickly with only a good enough standard so they can further save money on your rental charges. Sometimes the car owner has no choice but to return the car back for supplemental work because it was not properly repaired. Though not all preferred shops do shortcuts, at the end of the day these shops will more likely honour the deal they have with the insurance company instead of working for you.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas aims to make their clients satisfied with any auto repair. We make sure to work for you and pass any discounts directly to you. We discount deductibles by as much as 15%. Don’t worry; you won’t have to bring your car back once we’ve finished with it.