What to do if you have Hail Damage in San Antonio
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San Antonio Auto Body Shop is helping Auto owners recover from Hail Damage by giving rebates in addition to Deductable Discounts.

Miracle Body and paint has begun a new campaign for everyone in San Antonio who has been effected by the recent Hail and Wet weather in San Antonio. There has been an increase in the amount of hail damage and auto collision damage that needs repair. As a result Miracle Body and Paint will be giving a refund on payments that exceed the customer’s deductable discount.

Here is how it works.

When you have your car or truck repaired at Miracle Body & Paint auto body shop we give you a discount on your deductable equal to 5% on Parts and materials, and 10% on labor of your total repair cost.

Let’s say you have a repair that will cost $6000 in Parts and $1000 in Labor, and you have a $250 deductable.

We give a discount on $300 on your deductable for the parts, (6000 – 5%)

We give a discount of $100 on your deductable credit from Labor. (1000 – 10%)

Your total discount is $400 but your deductable is only $250. SO we will not only waive your collision deductable but you will get a rebate of $150.

This is an offer we will make available for a limited time so stop in today and see why we are the #1 Auto body shop in San Antonio.