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Types of Bad Weather

Weather conditions can make the roads unsafe for people driving a car. A snowstorm, for example, can cause auto collisions and even road obstructions.

There are other types of bad weather that can create problems for people driving on roads. High winds, rain and black ice are among them, as stated in article on TheFloodLawFirm.com. Drivers must take extra care when (out driving) in such conditions.

High Winds

Cars can become difficult to control and then rollover because of strong winds. And, there is always the danger of debris hitting a car as a result of high winds. Rain, sleet or snow can also coincide with high winds and make a road a very dangerous place for commuters.


Different types of rain like drizzle, light rain and violent downpours. Freezing rain make roads slippery and covered in ice.

Black Ice

Black ice forms when rain or snow on roads freezes. A road that cannot drain water properly is likely to have black ice as a result of rain or snow. The problem with black ice is that it is difficult to spot on the road, which makes it dangerous to drivers.

Black ice is particularly dangerous when on bridges and overpasses. Drivers must take extra care, including  the following:

  • Do not drive if possible
  • Get tire chains or snow tires if necessary
  • Make sure wipers are in good condition
  • Don’t forget to bring an ice scraper

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