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Your Deductible After an Auto Accident

You will always feel vulnerable and unsure of where to turn for help after an auto accident. Its only natural for you to look for assurance that your car (and your life) will quickly go back to normal. After an auto collision, insurance companies will want you to act quickly to get an estimate on your vehicle, more so if your vehicle is no longer driveable. Some insurance company may even force you to have it repaired at their preferred auto body repair shops. In this blog post we will be explaining why you should prefer getting an estimate done by an independent shop like Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas before agreeing to have some other auto repair shop fix your vehicle.

Insurance companies want to save money when it comes to repair. Most if not all insurance companies have a list of “preferred shops.” These collision repair centers have pre cut deals with insurance companies that allow the insurance company to pay less money on parts and labor in the event you need your car or truck repaired. In exchange, the insurance company will strongly recommend these auto body and paint shops to all of their customers that have an accident. This method encourages the shop to focus on the amount of cars they service, not quality of the work they are producing. Insurance companies want the shops to fix the vehicle quickly and to a good enough standard so that they can also save money on rental charges while your vehicle is repaired. It is not uncommon for a person to take a vehicle back for supplemental work after having repairs done at one of these shops. Not all “preferred shops cut corners and some actually do very good work, but they ultimately are working for the insurance company not for you.

At Miracle Body and Paint we work to a make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. We also pass discounts directly to you. We discount deductibles by as much as 15% and work to make sure you don’t have to bring your vehicle back once we send it home.