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Car Noises You Should Never Neglect

Hearing strange sounds in your car engine while you’re driving is not a good thing. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to pay close attention.  Different questions might pop in your head. You will definitely wonder where the sound is coming from, what causes it and you need to decide if its time to go to an auto body repair shop to have it checked.

In some circumstances, a car noise simply needs minor adjustments, but most of the time it indicates major repair that will cost you a few bucks. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down the most common types of car engine noises usually experienced by drivers. You don’t have to worry since Miracle has well trained technicians that can solve these types of noises, whatever the cause may be:

  • Your hear a sizzling sound under the hood

Whenever you shut off your vehicle, do you hear a sizzling sound? If this is the type of sound you hear, this usually indicates a leak, either in the oil or coolant.

  • You hear a flapping sound

Many consider this as the most annoying engine noise. A flapping sound usually indicates that there is something wrong with the fan or belt.  This may not be so urgent for now, but neglecting it may lead to permanent and costly damage over time.

  • You hear a clunking sound when you step on the brake

Do you hear a clunking noise every time you step on the brake? Does the sound come with a strange feeling in the brake pedal? There might be something wrong with the break calliper. This type of sound should be considered as a serious problem and it’s important for you to visit an auto body repair shop to have your brakes checked.

Let the mechanic listen to the sound so you can better understand what the real situation is. If you live in the San Antonio area, don’t hesitate to visit Miracle Body and Paint. We can help you in determining what your car problem is, and provide a solution for it.