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Different Types of Car Paint

Your car’s appearance can change dramatically by just having a new paint job. But did you know that there are different types of car paint? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas is here to explain their key differences:

  • Acrylic Lacquer – This car paint is considered the oldest type. Acrylic Lacquer is very cheap and very easy to use, however using this does have a few disadvantages. If compared to more modern types of car paint in the market, acrylic lacquer is less durable. Even if this car paint is very economical, it may not withstand different weather conditions for long.
  • Acrylic EnamelAcrylic enamel is considered more durable than acrylic lacquer. This type of automotive paint can last for many years especially if it is properly maintained. Many car painting professionals actually prefer using acrylic enamel since its luster can be retained for a long time. However, Amateur car painters should think twice when using this paint since it may result to a botchy finish, completely running the car’s curb appeal. This automotive paint is also a bit more expensive than acrylic lacquer.
  • UrethaneUrethane has become very popular over the past few decades mainly because it results to a very impressive and standout finish. This type of automotive paint is also very resistant to even the most harsh weather conditions. Before using this though, one must use protective gears since it has high toxicity levels. Urethane is more expensive than the acrylic lacquer and the acrylic enamel.
  • Water-Based Paint – this type of car paint is one of the newest ones in the market today. A lot of car paint professionals like this one since it’s very easy to apply. What’s good about water-based paint is that it can be applied over an existing paint job. In order to remain durable, this type of automotive paint needs to be protected by a urethane clear coat. Another downside is that water-based paint only comes in a limited color combination.

Your auto body shop will advise you on what type of automotive paint is best for you. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas can assist you to make sure you get the right paint to meet your needs. Contact us to know more!