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Emergency Kits To Prep Your Vehicle for The Auto Body Shop
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Essentials to keep in your vehicle — Even if your not in an auto accident.


Chances are that you and your car will go through a lot together. Not every emergency is a result of an auto collision or car accident. It’s important that you are prepared no matter what the situation you find yourself in. Keeping a few handy things in your trunk for emergencies can help you get through any tight spots drivers find themselves in everyday.  If you ever need an auto body shop choose us, but in the mean time here are some essentials for you to keep in your trunk.

1)      A first Aid Kit – In the event of a car accident your car is the least important thing to get damaged. Be sure you have at least a basic first aid kit to stop bleeding or patch up cuts before emergency personnel arrive.

2)      Jumper Cables – Death is inevitable and your battery will die. Keep jumper cables in your car so you can avoid getting stranded. You can also save the day for someone else in distress.

3)      Duct Tape and rope or tie downs – Some of the handiest tools invented by man. Weather you need to hold your bumper on while you drive to our body shop, or you need to hold down something on the roof of your car, these items are essential “you never know when you’ll need it” gear.

4)      Leatherman or Mini Tool set – Another one of those items you don’t realize you need in your car until you have it in your car. You are likely to use these things all the time.

5)      Blanket, Towel, paper towels – Like a first aid kit these items are essential in case of an emergency.

6)      Water – You should probably keep distilled water because it last longer but water is an all purpose tool. If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere on your way to Vegas it can keep you alive. If your car overheats it can get you to safety.

7)      Your Insurance Info – If you drive, chances are you will be in an accident. Having your insurance info handy at all times makes it a whole lot easier to deal with the police, have your vehicle towed and even get into a rental car. If you ignore everything else on this list don’t forget your Insurance card.

At Miracle Body & Paint we want you to be safe on the roads. We can fix your car but it’s a lot harder to fix you. If you are ever in a collision have your auto body damage repaired with us. Remember that we can save you money on your repairs by giving you a discount on your deductable.