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Top Items to Keep in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit This Winter

Going by the recent snowstorms, everyone should be ready for such kinds of scenarios in the future. You can easily get stranded in extreme weather conditions with help not forthcoming soon. When this happens, a well-equipped emergency kit would be a godsend. Whether you buy the equipment or put it together from scratch, always make sure your car has one. Today, Miracle Body and Paint, your favorite San Antonio auto collision and repair experts, will shed some light on what to include in your vehicle emergency kit in winter.

Battery Booster Cables

A dead battery in the middle of nowhere in winter is the stuff nightmares are made of. Most stranded motorists in winter lay the blame on dead batteries. To counter this, always have battery booster cables in your emergency kit. You can include a jump starter for the battery, but it needs to be charged all the time in case of emergencies.

Ice Scraper

In case snow falls frequently or you’re going to a city with heavy snow, always make sure that you carry an ice scraper in the emergency kit. Coupled with a brush, an ice scraper can be a lifesaver for dealing with the accumulated snow on your car before hitting the road. You can get ice scrappers from your local auto shop or store.

Tow Strap

With thick snow layers and tricky road surfaces, getting stuck in a ditch is a possibility. When this happens, you would need a firm tow strap to pull you out. When purchasing the tow strap, consider your car type and whether it is strong enough to pull it effortlessly. Check the tow straps manual for such information.

Emergency Tire Repair Sealant

Changing a flat tire in high winter can be next to impossible, even if you have a spare tire. This calls for an emergency tire repair sealant. Because of the extremely icy conditions, you can use the sealant to repair the tire temporarily as you search for the nearest auto tire shop to get it changed.

Foldable Shovel

Getting a flat is not the only problem you can encounter as far as the tires are concerned. In heavy snow areas, tires can get stuck in the snow. A foldable shovel will come in handy to deal with the snow around the tires when that happens.

Winter is always a challenging time for motorists. Many auto collisions and other car accidents happen in this period. Carrying a well-equipped emergency kit in your vehicle can make a huge difference when you are stranded or stuck. As your local auto collision center in San Antonio, miracle Body and Paint cares for your safety. For any auto body and painting needs, we are just a phone call away for superior services.