Miracle Body Paint in San Antonio has listed the top driving habits that may lead to auto accidents:

  • Using the cellphone while driving – When you talk on your cellphone, you automatically quadruple your risk of being involved in an auto accident. Many studies also revealed that using the cellphone, even if its hands-free, can impair your reaction time. It’s comparable to driving after drinking alcohol with .08 content.
  • Ill-adjusting car mirrors – Some drivers think that the best way to position a car side mirror is to angle it so that it displays the flank of their car and the road behind it. Safety experts say otherwise – side mirrors must be positioned so that no part of your car appears in them. Make sure to slightly overlap your field of view in the center-mounted rear view mirror. Having a well adjusted car mirror can help avoid blind spots that force you to turn your head when you change lanes.
  • Driving in a hot car – It’s quite distracting to drive in a hot car that has been parked too long under the sun. What you can do is to roll down one of your windows all the way down to let your car cool down and walk to the other side of your car and open-close the door five to ten times. This process promotes airflow circulation and forces the trapped hot air out.
  • Carrying too many key chains with your car keys– The heavy weight of your car keys can wear out your fragile ignition switch. Aside from starting up your car, the ignition switch also maintains your car’s electric circuit. Your whole care can shut off and cause an auto accident when it malfunctions.
  • Eating or drinking while driving – Eating and drinking while driving distracts your mind and keeps one or both your hands off the wheel – which may lead to an auto accident.

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