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After-Collision Safety Guidelines by Miracle Body & Paint

auto collision safety guidelines Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

collision safety guidelines Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Imagine this: You are peacefully driving with your family or friends when suddenly, another vehicle hits you. Before you start panicking, here are just a few guidelines by Miracle Body and Paint that can help you through dealing with the auto collision.

Keep calm – In an auto accident, any person may feel different emotions that will influence his or her reaction. The best approach is to stay calm – start counting or take a deep breath. You will be able to handle the situation better if you are in a calmer state.

Check for any injuries – check if anyone has been seriously injured. Call the ambulance immediately to assist injured people.

Call the police – After ensuring that all people are safe, call the local police and inform them of what happened. Provide necessary information that is concise. For example, instead of saying you weren’t over speeding, you can say you have been driving at 40 miles per hour.

Write down necessary information – make sure to get other party’s information like name, driver license, address etc. you should also take down their license number.

auto collision safety guidelines Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio TexasCall your insurance company – It is best to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. They can give you the necessary things you should do to help you get over the auto collision.

Avoid signing unfamiliar document – signing any document without knowing what it is for is bad in any type of situation. The police and your insurance will inform you if ever they will require you to sign anything.

Call towing service if necessary – if your car was badly damaged, don’t drive it anymore and call a tow truck to pick it up instead. Once they arrived, you will have to tell them if you want it towed to your house or an auto body repair shop.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – ask questions if you need clarification. The police and insurance company can help explain things that are unclear to you.

Be sure to check back in regularly for more auto tips and tricks. For any auto body repair needs, contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.