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All About Car Tires

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tire Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio TexasThe process of buying tires can be overwhelming with the many types of tires available for different types of car models as well as different driving styles. What’s more, these vast options also come with varying price points that is enough to confuse customers. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down the things you should know about tires to help you with the tire buying process.

  • Constructing a tire is made starting from the inside’s inner liner, then going out. In every tire, there are about 20-25 different components such as fabric belts that are wrapped around the inner liner, steel belts and other materials in between. All of these layer components give the tire strength and contribute to the ride quality.
  • Many drivers choose low-profile tires mainly for aesthetic reasons. However, not many know that low-profile tires can offer better handling, steering response and cornering performance but may also give a harsher ride as compared to traditional designs.
  • When it comes to buying, consider your budget, expectations and driving style. If you want a quiet, smooth ride, touring tires are the best option. If you want better performance, look into getting summer UPH or summer tires though keep in mind that they may wear faster. If you live in an area where winter is harsh, all-season tires are the best way to go.
  • tire Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio TexasYour existing tires has a specific wheel and tire size that is tuned in with its handling, steering response and braking performance. Sticking to the car manufacturer’s recommended tire and wheel size is safer.
  • Tires play an important role when it comes to fuel economy. Make sure to always keep your tire’s air pressure at the right level not only to save gas but also to avoid costly damage in the future.
  • For truck owners, consider how you much load you will be carrying. If you will be hauling heavy loads or towing, you can opt to get all-terrain tires. This type of tire can be used for light-off road while still provide maximum support for all your heavy tasks.

Just like in auto body repair work, taking the time to check tire reviews, feedback and ratings can help. Be sure to check Miracle Body and Paint blog for more car tricks and tips!