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3 reasons you should pick your own body shop:

1. The shop insurance company sends you to has a contract with the insurance company. This contract almost always has wording in it that gives the insurance company a discount on the repair price. So they not only save on the repair because of your deductible. They also get a discount direct from the shop.

2. Miracle Body and Paint give you the discount. We don’t have contracts with the insurance company. This means that we can pass our discounts on to you, regardless of who your insurance carrier is. You can save up to 15% and if you don;t have a deductible, you can even get cash back. Ask your insurance companies shop to do that for you.

3. At Miracle Body and Paint you are the client. Since we don’t have contracts with the insurance companies our business is not dependent on keeping them happy. We have been in business for 20 years because we keep our customers happy.

We want to make dealing with your auto accident as easy as possible so we are here to serve you.ย You can call to set up an appointment, walk-in and get a free estimate, or simply upload your photos by clicking the buttonย below. Let us show you how we work miracles.