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Avoid Auto Breakdowns This Winter (PART 2)

avoid_winter_breakdowns_6Here is Miracle Body and Paintโ€™s second blog installment on common winter breakdowns. Now that we are experiencing the first real feel of winter weather here in Texas, let us share the most common car problems and breakdowns due to the extreme cold. In support of Winter Awareness Day, we remind you to get your car ready for this winter season to avoid auto accidents and auto collisions.

Frozen interior

It may be hard to keep your carโ€™s interior completely dry during this cold and wet weather season. One practical step you can do to at least minimize the chances is to avoid leaving any wet clothes or boots inside your car overnight.

avoid_winter_breakdowns_7Frozen windows in their frames

When the windows are frozen stuck in their frames and you attempt to move them, it may permanently detach from the mechanism. What you can do is to leave the car warmed up for a few minute to melt any ice on the area.

Diesel fuel waxing

Wax crystals in the diesel fuel often form during extreme cold. This can block fuel lines and filters. Nowadays, most diesels sold have standards to ensure no wax is formed if temperature drops. To be extra careful, it is better to leave your car inside a garage overnight to keep the car warm. You can also avail electric fuel filter heaters.

avoid_winter_breakdowns_8Frozen rear drum brakes/ handbrake cables

Make sure to clean your car regularly even if its winter. This is to make sure you remove any road salt that can corrode your vehicle. But if you are using a hose or pressure washer that blasts water inside the brake cables or drums, any excess water left will freeze. Be careful when hosing wheel arches and wheels. Driving after cleaning can help to dry up any water left in the area.

Frozen alternators

Under-bonnet drains that are poorly designed may not stop water from getting to the alternator, since the water can freeze the rotor. You can tell somethingโ€™s wrong if there is a screaming noise, smoke, burning smell and the battery warning light turns on.