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Avoid Auto Breakdowns This Winter (PART 1)

avoid_winter_breakdowns_2We are now experiencing the first real feel of winter weather here in Texas. In support of today’s Winter Awareness Day, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio will share the most common car problems and breakdowns due to the extreme cold. Make sure you get your car ready for this winter season to avoid auto accidents and auto collisions. The upcoming snow and ice and temperature dropping for the coming weeks may cause damage not only on the battery but to these auto parts as well:

Screen washers freezing over

Frozen screen washers are not really considered a breakdown on its own, but if left untreated it may cause damage to other parts. When the screen washers are frozen and you kept the pump running, it will burn out and blow a fuse which will affect and immobilize the rest of the system. Make sure to use an undiluted screen wash additive this winter season. Switch to diluted for the rest of the year.

avoid_winter_breakdowns_3Frozen windshield wipers

Forcing the windshield wipers to operate when they are already stuck frozen to the glass can blow a fuse and damage other important parts. Make sure to turn off the automatic wipers when there is a low temperature forecast. This is to avoid them moving when you turn your ignition on. Also, before setting off, make sure to check if the wipers are not stuck.

Frozen engines

Your engine may freeze over if it lacks anti-freeze. Do schedule your car a check-up with your trusted auto repair shop to get it in condition this winter season.

avoid_winter_breakdowns_4Engine damage due to stripped teeth on timing belt

When the water pump is frozen and you try to start your car, it can strip the teeth off the timing belt. This will eventually lead to internal engine damage that is expensive to repair.

Frozen door locks and seals

You can lightly smear Vaseline or silicone polish on the door seals and squirt a water-dispersant in the locks to avoid freezing them. Make sure to clear snow that might fall from the car’s locks and seals.