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Be Careful and Avoid these Dangerous Driving Habits

dangerous driving 2One of the leading causes of fatality in the US today is auto accidents. In 2009, there were about 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers who were brought to the emergency departments due to auto collisions. Though there has been a steady decrease in the rate of fatal auto collisions since then, but the truth remains that we have more distractions now than ever before. There are a lot of activities that puts a high risk of car collisions. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio listed down some of the dangerous things drivers do while on the road:

Driving while intoxicated

There were lots of traffic-related deaths due to drunk driving. Drinking alcohol can impair anyone even if it’s below the .08 legal limits. Hire a taxi or uber is a better choice if you plan to go out and drink.

dangerous driving 3Over speeding

This is considered as the second leading cause of road deaths, more so when driving alone while going above the speed limit. There are fewer surprises on the road if all drivers will cruise at relatively the same speed.

Texting or Calling

Mobile phones have become a huge distraction and problem to those drivers who are very socially connected. Using a phone while driving reduces the amount of brain activity towards driving by 37% since concentration is divided. This makes the driver unable to react to road changes, putting him at a higher risk of collision.

dangerous driving 4Driving with lack of sleep

When you had a long day at work or night and had gotten very little sleep, we often find ourselves struggling to keep our eyes open behind the wheel. Always give yourself plenty of time to fully wake up in the morning. When you notice that you are starting to losing focus, always pull over. If you’re very tired, studies show that it has an almost similar effect as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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