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Avoid Fading Car Paint, Choose Miracle Body and Paint

A common misconception when it comes to auto or paint repair is that all collision repair shops perform more or less the same. At first this may seem true, but only the test of time can reveal the real deal. There is a difference with a paint job done by Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas and other auto body repair shops.

When a vehicle gets damaged from an auto collision, naturally, the affected area must be repaired and then painted to return to its original state. You must be careful on choosing the right shop to do your paint job. There are some body repair shops out there that use cheap and low quality paint to color the damaged area. If you become one of the unfortunate victims, you will notice that the portion of the paint will begin to fade in less than a year. This is especially true if you live in San Antonio Texas wherein the hot sun is almost always out. This discoloration is very noticeable to anyone who will see it. This spells trouble if you plan to resell or trade your car in the future.

But don’t despair. Miracle Body and Paint only uses the best quality paint for our paint jobs. We rely on DuPont which doesn’t easily fade and can actually last all throughout your car’s life span. Not only that, we have employed only the best paint technicians in the San Antonio area to make sure the task is done right. Our technicians have at least 15 solid years of experience doing paint and body repairs so you don’t have to worry. All our painters are well trained and highly skilled when it comes to blending paints and replicating the original color of your vehicle. We also use the best tools to ensure that everything is done right. We aim to make your car look like it has not been in an auto accident; we are even willing to offer a lifetime guarantee to show you how serious we are with our promise. If you are looking for the best auto repair service, head out to Miracle Body and Paint.