5-Minute Car Safety Preparations for the Holiday Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
5-Minute Car Safety Preparations for the Holiday
Types Of Fluid Flush Your Car Absolutely Needs Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Types Of Fluid Flush Your Car Absolutely Needs
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Avoid Major Auto Repairs With Maintenance Services

Avoid Major Auto Repairs With Maintenance Services Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

At Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio,  we confidently believe in the power of preventative maintenance. With a few simple service checks, you can already avoid time-consuming and costly repairs. We want to protect our customers and help them get the most out of their cars so we’ve put together a list of some important maintenance services you can follow:

1. Check your fluids

Keeping up with fluid quality and quantity can raise the car’s fuel economy, increase the engine’s reliability, and prevent costly damages. Engine fluids lubricate moving parts to minimize the effects of friction. That’s why it’s imperative to keep this element clean of contamination and at the level necessary to do its job. As you request an oil change, have the auto mechanic check the following fluid levels: motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant (or anti-freeze) and windshield washer fluid.

2. Don’t skip on tire care

You need to regularly schedule tire rotations and alignment checks and maintain proper tire air pressure for proper tire care. A simple rule of thumb you can follow so you can always remember this is to request a tire rotation with every other oil change. Your wheel alignment is also important. When it is off, the car will fight you for control on every drive. Have this evaluated annually, or any time you purchase new tires or experience a collision. Don’t forget your air pressure too. Under-inflated tires decrease fuel economy, compromise handling, wear down tread, and can cause blowouts at high speeds while an over-inflated tires also ride roughly, cause uneven tread wear, and can lead to a blowout. Follow the inflation pressure recommendations in the owner’s manual or the information label in the glove box or the driver’s side door.

3. Check belts and hoses

Your belts take the brunt of all vehicle functions. Keeping your belts strong and healthy will help your engine operate more efficiently and prevent expensive damage. Belts kick-start the alternator and help operate the water pump. Newer vehicles use serpentine belts that drive most engine parts. Have your auto repair technician from Miracle Body and Paint check if there are any cracks, fraying, and exposed threads on the belts. If you drive an older car that still uses V-belts, have your specialist look for any glazing, cracking, or excessive wear, especially on the belt’s underside.

4. Replace filters

The cabin filter and the engine filter are two important filters that work hard to keep the air running through your car clean and contaminant-free. To see how often your filters need to be replaced, check your owner’s manual . You can request a filter check with every oil change.

5. Perform battery tests

When battery ages, it no can no longer hold a charge and will eventually die. When the battery hits the 3-year mark, start with battery charge tests (or ask your friendly auto repair shop like Miracle Body and Paint, San Antonio to help you) . Keep it clean and corrosion-free too and. by simply scrubbing it with a battery cleaning brush.