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Avoid These Car and Driving Habits

avoid_car_driving_habits_2Your car will last longer if you take good care and treat it well. Neglecting your car may seem harmless for now, but regularly mistreating it will surely add up to the costly repairs and even reduce your car’s lifespan. Miracle Auto Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas brings you five habits you should avoid in order to keep your car running longer and stronger.

Delaying maintenance

Following a regular car maintenance schedule is important. This includes oil, filter and transmission replacement, air filter and brake pad care. You can follow your car’s manufacturer manual for the needed maintenance routine.  Regular maintenance requires investment in money and time, but it will still cost less as compared to a new engine or transmission.

avoid_car_driving_habits_3Neglecting dashboard warning lights

It is very important to address any warning indicator lights on the dashboard. You can check your manual or bring it to a reputable auto body repair center. Warning lights are there to alert you of any serious problem that can get large if left untreated.

Shifting while moving

It is important to use the transmission correctly since it is one of the most complex and expensive parts of your car. When the car’s still moving, never shift from drive to reverse or vice versa. This type of shifting places excess strain on the transmission’s internal gears. Continually doing this can eventually damage the transmission.

avoid_car_driving_habits_4Driving jerkily

Driving jerkily causes the engine, transmission and break system to deteriorate faster. Abused cars will definitely have premature fluid leaks, broken seals and mechanical problems.

Delaying tire replacement

Some cars have really expensive tires. So when it is time to replace them, this turns into an unwelcome cost that not everyone are willing to make. Driving with thread bare tires is extremely dangerous. You can lose control of your car and get into an auto accident if a tire blows out while you are driving. The risk of hydroplaning also goes up tremendously during rainy season. A new set of tires could seem a bit pricey for now, but it still costs less than your car and even insurance deductible.