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Be Prepared After An Auto Collision (PART 2)
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Be Prepared After An Auto Collision (PART 1)

to_do_auto_collision_2The most likely reason you are searching “auto body repair shop” is because you have been involved in a car accident. Being in an auto collision is undoubtedly a very stressful time for anyone. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas hopes that this post will help you answer some of the important questions in order to get your car up and running again.

to_do_auto_collision_3Who will pay for the car repair if I got involved in an auto accident?

If it’s the other driver’s fault and he or she has insurance, then the repair will be paid by their insurance. There will also be no deductable in this case. If their insurance is not enough to cover the cost, they will still need to pay any car repair remainder. A deductible on your own insurance means that this will be paid by you first before the insurance pays for the repair.  If the other driver has absolutely no insurance coverage, then all auto body repair shop will go through your own coverage including your uninsured motor coverage and deductible will apply.

If the auto collision is your fault, your collision coverage will be paying for your vehicle repairs. If you have none, this just means you need to pay out of your pocket. The other driver’s insurance will bill your insurance for the said repairs. You may have to do a bit of paperwork but majority of it will be handled through the insurance company.

to_do_auto_collision_4Is it true that I need more than one estimate?

If you have enough time it is always best to get more than one estimate and compare. Estimates are more than just numbers; it is an excellent opportunity for you to check the auto repair shop. You can inquire about the parts that auto repair shop will be using, how long it will take them to finish all repairs and just getting an over-all feel on how they handle both client concerns and car repairs. If you know in advance the time frame of the auto repair, you can avoid the long waiting time.