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Benefits of Choosing An Independent Auto Collision Center

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People assume that an independent auto body shop is small. This is not always true.

Independent does not necessarily mean small

Miracle Body and Paint is one the largest Texas auto body shops. This allows us to take complete control over the entire repair process, without being influenced by insurance companies. This is why you should choose an independent San Antonio body shop. Despite our size, we maintain the personal touch that small collision repair shops are famous for.

Local ownership is important

Manuel Rubio, the owner of Miracle Body and Paint, makes it a point to make sure that his clients are satisfied with the quality work Miracle Body and Paint does on their cars. Manuel regularly visits the site to supervise the work of his staff and ensure that every automobile is in good condition after an accident. Manuel is involved in the hiring of Miracle Body and Paint staff to ensure that only qualified technicians are hired. Manuel offers excellent customer service. Manuel is available to speak with clients about any car-related matter.

We have reviews to prove it

You will be amazed at how many 5-star reviews we have. This also proves that our customers will continue to return to us if we put their needs above the requirements of insurance companies. We assist clients in negotiating with insurance companies to get the parts and repairs they need.

Choose the best San Antonio Collision Center

Do you need a shop that can repair your vehicle’s paint or body? Manuel Rubio and his Miracle Body and Paint team are here to help.