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Why Miracle Body and Paint Is Know For Great Quality
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Why Miracle Body and Paint Is The Best In San Antonio

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When you get involved in an auto collision, it is important that you pick an auto body and repair shop you’re sure will do great work.  Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas we take auto collision repair very seriously. We have specialized and honed our craft for over 30 years. We put importance on giving you the best possible auto body repair as well as giving you the best customer service experience in San Antonio. Here are just 3 reasons why you should choose Miracle Body and Paint if you get involved in an auto accident.

1) We give a guarantee.  At Miracle Body and Paint we are sure to give you a guarantee. Do you want your vehicle to look like it was never in an accident when you get it back? Miracle makes it happen. We also guarantee that our work will endure. We have stayed in business by doing excellent work and we get more business from referrals then we do our advertising. We believe that great work is what keeps us in business, that is why we make sure to deliver only the best service there is.

2) We give you deductible discounts. – Who wants to pay the full deductible to a shop that’s giving your insurance company a discount on your collision repair? We want you to save that money yourself. Many preferred auto body shops pass on deductible discounts to insurance companies in exchange for the constant stream of clients the insurance company provides. We’re an independent body shop, which means that we take those discounts and pass them on to you. In fact, some of our clients get their entire deductible discounted so they pay nothing out of pocket. How great is that!

3) We have a hands-on owner. – Most auto body shops in San Antonio are run by owners who just come and go. At Miracle Body & Paint its different. Our owner, Manuel Rubio, is on site every day and inspects 99% of the vehicles before they are given back to the customer. He makes sure that every car has met his high standards before it gets to the client. In those rare case the client isn’t 100% satisfied,  he will do everything in his power to make sure any problems are corrected.

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, call our office today and let us care for you like family. Our team gets to work immediately in evaluating the damage working with your insurance provider.