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Better San Antonio Collision Repair

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San Antonio has hundreds of collision repair shops ranging from one man shops to multi-billion dollar corporations. Choosing the right collision repair center depends on several factors ranging from location to cost. For many people collision repair is just a headache and all the body shops are the same. The truth is that not all body shops are the same. Some will promise to save you money now but will cost you more money in the long run.
Here are 3 things that will help you find the right shop for you.
Cost – If you are paying for a claim out of pocket without reporting it to the insurance company the key is to get the best price without sacrificing quality. Some low cost shops will use cheap materials, especially paint. This means that your paint will most likely fade within 3 years. This may not sound like a big deal until you go to trade in your car. Not only will faded paint lower the trade in value, it will raise a red flag that your car was in an accident.
Quality – Some shops will try and save money by repair parts that need to be replaced. Besides paint, the quality of the parts used can play a huge part in the quality of the work. When a shop does not do what is best for the integrity of the vehicle and the customer you will have issues like rattling parts and body panels that fail to line up correctly.
Location – Some people will just pick whatever shop is closest to them or the one their insurance company sends them to. This may seem convenient but should be one of the least important factors that determine if you pick a collision repair shop. For most people a car accident is a rare occasion. It may be a headache but having the repair done correctly should be your top priority. Even if it means driving an extra 15 minutes to get to Miracle Body and Paint.
If you live in San Antonio and are in need of a collision repair center please stop by our Location off Bandera Rd on Grissom. We will give you an estimate and show you how much money we can save you on your deductable. We will save you money without compromising on quality.