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Preparing Your Car for Your Next Road Trip

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So you’ve just visited Miracle Body and Paint auto collision repair center and treated your car to a fabulous repair job, the kids are out of school for Spring break and now you’re ready to venture outside of Texas for a few days and bask in the salty breeze of a gorgeous, sunny beach. It sounds like it’s time for a much-needed family road trip! We’re here to provide you with three tips that’ll keep you and your family members safe, sane, and satisfied while en route to your next Spring break vacation destination.

1. Keep Your Vehicle Comfy: If you’ve ever visited our auto body shop in San Antonio, you know that we believe every vehicle should be treated with the utmost care and respect. This goes not only for the exterior of your car but the interior as well. Make sure to keep your windows cracked accordingly and/or keep your car’s air conditioner running at a cool, comfortable temperature so the family doesn’t get exhausted due to bouts of extreme heat.

2. Prepare for Sun: The bright gleam of the sunlight in your eyes may not sound like much of a threat, but it can be a real hazard if you aren’t properly prepared to deal with it. Invest in a sun visor or some polarized sunglasses to help protect yourself from the sun’s glare while driving.

3. When in Doubt, Stop to Regroup: While on road trips, it’s tempting to want to rush to your vacation destination as fast as you can, but not taking the proper time and care to slow down or regroup when necessary may do more harm than good. It’s only natural to get tired while driving for extended periods of time. Know that it’s okay to pull over, take a short break, and spend a little time gaining your energy back at a nearby rest stop if you need to.

Whatever your Spring break road trip has in store for you, be sure to take our contact information with you. Miracle Body and Paint serves San Antonio and surrounding areas and we’d love to be the one you call on for paint and body work the next time you are in an auto accident.