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Car Vibrating Signs That Require Auto Repair

Many cars nowadays have intelligent computer systems that let drivers know if there are any car safety issues or mechanical problems. A car’s warning system is linked to the dashboard that lights up whenever there’s something wrong. This includes the check engine light, ABS light, and many other warning lights. But did you know that there are other car signs that let you know if there’s an issue? If you notice any loud noises, funny smells, or odd vibrations, your car may have an underlying problem. Here are three of the most common vibration symptoms that indicates it’s time to head to an auto body repair shop like Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas:

  • Steering wheel is vibrating

When your steering wheel is vibrating, it usually indicates one of two different problems. The most common reason is wheel alignment. If your car is out of alignment, at least one of your tires is pointing in a direction different from the rest. That results in your steering wheel trying to pull it back and forth as it tries to go in two separate directions. The second reason is issues with power steering pump, which indicates you are low on fluid or have a worn drive belt.

  • Brake pedal is vibrating

When you hit the brakes, you can bet on warped drums or vibration in the rotor or break pedals. You shouldn’t delay when this happens. Head to an auto repair shop right away. Depending on the type of drums and rotors you have, brake pads will usually rub against them to create the friction to slow the car. If they become warped, it will reduce the surface area the pads can grab. This can be very dangerous when you’re on the road, because it leas to decrease braking power.

  • Acceleration vibration

You may have a leaking exhaust if your gas pedal shakes when you push on it or the whole car rattles when you accelerate. When a car travels at a high velocity, the existing fumes create a lot of pressure around the hole they’re leaking from. The exhaust leaks can damage your car and are very dangerous for your health.