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Choosing the Best Insurance: ENSURE Your Insurance

Car Insurance may be one of those necessary evils that you can’t seem to escape. Everyone is required to have it and with excellent justification! Having car insurance may be pricey sure, but if you have ever been involved in an accident then it paid for itself ten-fold. I used to be one of those people who complained about the exaggerated premiums for my 17-year-old son until the day he rear-ended an elderly gentleman. Luckily both were unharmed, however, the family car failed to make it out in one piece. Had I not been insured I guarantee to this day I would still be paying for the repairs for both vehicles.

Insurance is just as it sounds, it is only useful in the event something happens. There are literally tens of thousands of companies out there to choose from, each claiming to have the best rates and fastest repair turnarounds but how can you be sure which is the best until you need it? Often the cheapest does not equal greatest. Scouring the internet and phone book for local companies, filling out endless applications just to find the premiums are astonishingly expensive. It is truly a tedious task, but here’s a few tips to lighten the burden.

  • First, read the reviews. The internet has blessed us with the ability to read the first-hand experience
    from other consumers. This will assist in choosing a reputable versus a fly by night company.
  • Ask for special discounts. Most insurance companies offer discounts that may not be listed. For
    example STATE FARM may be more expensive than your local discount insurance office but you are probably more familiar with them. Ask about safe driver discounts, bundling another policy, airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc. Most times you can go with a reputable company for a just a few dollars extra.
  • Ask friends and family who they use. Getting advice from colleagues is always beneficial. Sharing
    experiences with certain companies can save you time and energy by avoiding companies with poor customer service. It is always best to research the company you choose because you are truly insuring more than your vehicle. It’s your life, your family’s lives and the people who share the road with you.