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Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 2
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Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 1

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Many people that come in to our collision center in San Antonio ask us, “how does my deductable apply to this damage?” Over the next few weeks we will explain the different types of coverages that get your vehicle repaired and how a deductable is applied in each case. This week will explain collision coverage and who it affects.

One of the most common insurance coverage we deal with is collision coverage. This is the coverage that allows your own car to be repaired after an accident. This can apply whether you hit someone or they hit you. (often after a hit & run of a parked car) When you set up your insurance coverage you decide if you want a $0, $250, $500, or even $1000 deductable on your vehicle. If you are financing your car most banks require that you have this type of insurance with a deductable of $500 or less.

The first thing that we establish when your car is brought in for repair after you have your estimate is who is going to be paying for the repair. If your insurance company’s collision coverage will be paying for the repair we will then establish your deductable amount. We are able to give everyone a deductable discount based on how much damage is being repaired. We give a 5% percent discount on parts and 10% discount on labor. We also give an extra $20 discount if you like our Facebook page.

Once your vehicle has been repaired your insurance company will write a check to you for the full amount of the repair with your deductable discounted from that number. So if you have a $500 deductable and your repair is $5000 you will be sent a check for $4500 that you will give to the Collision Repair shop. You are expected to pay the rest of the balance out of pocket. This is where our discount is so handy because you could save up to $500 on a $5000 repair depending on how much is spent on parts and how much on labor.  Not to mention your vehicle will look as good as new.

If you are in a collision and need a quality collision repair done call Miracle Body and Paint. Our collision repair specialist will help relieve as much of the stress of collision as possible and put you at ease over the repair process. We have been recognized as one of the best Collision Repair centers in San Antonio and we want to be your collision repair shop for life.