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Common Reasons Why We Get A Flat Tire

flat tire 2It can be very inconvenient when you are on your way to an important event and suddenly you see that you have a flat tire. It’s not uncommon for this scenario to happen especially before an important happening. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has listed down the top reasons why we get flat tires so you can avoid them in the future.

There’s a leakage in the alloy wheel

Aluminum alloy tire wheels are prone to flat out. When air escapes on both the tire and the wheel, leakage happens. When you observe that your aluminium alloy wheels are starting to look old, you need to start checking the tire pressure on a regular basis. There are a lot of auto body shops which offers wheel sealers in order to prevent more damage.

Your valve stem is leaking

Your valve stem may start leaking if it is too old or unclean. If not taken care of, the leaks will bleed the air out of the tire which will make it prone to getting flat. Just replacing the valve stem can prevent this problem.

flat tire 3The tire bead is leaking

The tire bead or the sealing surface of the tire could leak out air. Worn out and old tires are prone to this. You can check if you have a bead leak by spraying soapy water to the tires, wheels and valve system. It has a leak if there are bubbles forming on the surface.

You got victimized by a public mischief

Tire slashing is always a possibility if you park in a public area. Parking lots are advisable to keep your vehicles safe and secure. If you cannot avoid parking in a public place, always make sure to always park in a well lighted place with heavy foot traffic.

flat tire 4You rode through sharp debris

Sharp objects haphazardly strewn on the road is always possible. Roadside shoulders are notorious for these dangerous objects. If you happen to be involved in this kind of accident, keep calm. Most of the time, these accidents can be easily fixed by a simple tire patch.