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Confused By Insurance Terms? Here Are Some Answers – Part 1

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Following an auto collision, you can be overwhelmingly confused. This week we are doing a two-part series on insurance phrases that can help you feel more confident in making your initial insurance claim with your auto insurance company. Considering all the repairs and stuff that you’re facing, the last thing you need is a list of confusing insurance terms crowding your mind. To give you an easier time, your favorite auto collision center, Miracle Body and Paint, has assembled a list of insurance terms and broken them down for you. Read them over and then call us immediately if you’ve been involved in a collision. We can handle almost every detail of your insurance claim so you can get back to doing the things you love most in life.

Act of God

An act of God is when an issue that is beyond the control of man devastates your vehicle. This category includes earthquakes, forest infernos, flooding, volcanic eruption, tornadoes, among other natural calamities. Essentially, acts of God are covered under comprehensive coverage rather than liability or collision.

Additional Insured or Additional Interest

This is a person who’s not the primary insured individual but is covered by an insurance policy. Case in point; if you have leased a vehicle, the leasing firm is usually an additional interest on your insurance policy.


This is the company that offers the insurance policy. The name carrier comes from the fact there is carrying of possible risk in lieu of the insured individual.


A claim is a request from the insured person to the carrier for payment according to the policy. The individual filing the claim is known as the claimant.

A Paint and Body Shop You Can Trust

Check back later this week for more of a breakdown and remember, you don’t have to face your insurance company alone. Call our collision repair center office in San Antonio to get help right away with your auto insurance claim. We have an entire team dedicated to handling these hard tasks for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Don’t forget to ask about our deductible discounts to save big on your out-of-pocket expenses.