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Do You Treat Your Car Right?

Do You Treat Your Car Right? Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

We often hear comments that cars nowadays aren’t made like they used to be. This is actually a good thing! ย Modern cars can last longer than the older ones – but only if you exert effort in maintaining them properly.

If you’re the type of car owner who neglects basic car care, expect that you’ll be spending more just trying to keep your car on the road. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX will be listing simple things that you should be doing for your car:

  • Keep up with a regular oil change schedule – Modern cars usually come with a warning system that reminds you when an oil change is almost due. You’re risking a lot if you skip this very simple process. If engine oil is low, your engine runs hotter and sludge deposits settle on moving parts and block proper oil flow.
  • Wash your car – Washing your car is not simply about ownership pride. Through washing, you remove dirt deposits, salt, bird droppings, and other harmful materials that can corrode your car’s exterior. Choose one day in a week to have your car washed and add a reminder in your smart phone to make sure that you follow this schedule.
  • Avoid fueling up until the last drop – It’s not uncommon for drivers to end up doing this from time to time, but this can be harmful to the car’s fuel pump. Aside from cooling the fuel pump, gasoline or diesel also acts as a lubricant. If you run the fuel down to the last drop, you’re actually putting more stress on the fuel pump system. It can overheat, seize up, and eventually die.
  • Don’t ignore warning lights – You shouldn’t take your Check Engine light, ABS light, Service 4WD, or other indicatorsย lightly. Warning lights come on for ย reason, and choosing to ignore them can mean heftier bill in the future.
  • Replace air filter – Air filters enable your car to breathe better and leads to more efficient operation. Dirty air filters cause emission issues, higher fuel consumption, and even irregular engine operation.