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Don’t Forget To Have Your Car Air Conditioning Checked Too

Have you had your car air conditioning checked lately? Miracle Body and Paint suggests getting your car air conditioning system inspected by a skilled auto technician especially during this time of the year. If you live in San Antonio Texas, head to Miracle Body and Paint to make sure you won’t end up sweating this summer. Neglecting your car air conditioning check-up may even lead to bigger repair bills sooner or later.  Even if you live in colder areas, most cars still work their air conditioning in order to turn on the defroster especially during winter season.

When a car’s air conditioning suddenly malfunctions, a variety of causes can be blamed. This could be because the system has too little or too much freon. If there is too much Freon, the internal pressure raises that prevents the air conditioning system to function correctly. Malfunctioning could also mean that the compressor is damaged. Using inferior Freon grades can also worsen the problem. If your car has a clogged filter, it can limit air flow and therefore may damage the air conditioning system. Places with a high number of flying bugs year round are also prone to having car air conditioning problems. Bugs and flies can clog the condensing unit in front of the radiator. Aside from improper engine cooling, hearing a noisy compressor or a squealing belt may also indicate trouble for the car air conditioning system. You can also tell that there’s a problem with the Freon, condenser or compressor when a system cools well at first but turns lukewarm after.

If you’ve noticed these symptoms or simply want to have your air conditioning system checked, head to Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas. We can perform thorough inspection that includes measuring air temperature in the vent, checking for Freon leaks in hoses, compressor seals, condensing unit, and evaporating unit, checking for any internal and external blockages as  well as checking if pressure levels in the air-conditioning system. We have modern, state-of-of-the-art machineries tools and skilled auto technicians so you can be assured that your auto check-up and other auto repairs will be addressed properly