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Easy Car Detailing Tips

Easy Car Detailing Tips Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

For a lot of drivers, cars are considered their pride and joy. Their car isn’t simply a means of transportation, it is also a status symbol and a representation of the car owner. Because of this, every vehicle needs to be kept clean and presentable in order to show its beauty and potential. To keep your car looking shiny and new, regularly perform detailing services is a must.

Car detailing means  you’re returning your car to a condition close to its brand new state. Luckily, there are easy car detailing tips that can help you keep your vehicle looking like it’s brans new. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has listed some them in today’s blog post:

1. Remove the excess gunk

Your car will pick up airborne debris and the occasional bird dropping even if you avoid parking under trees and driving down dusty roads. Flying insects, tree sap, and tar from newly paved roads and bird excrement can contribute to car’s exterior additional tear. The acid from the bird droppings them can wear away the paint if its left in there for too long. Likewise, tree sap and flying road tar can stick to your paint. It will be harder and harder to remove as time goes on, therefore the best thing you can do for your car is to remove those gunk as soon as you notice them.

2. Fix any paint scratches immediately

Don’t ignore exterior damage. When a paint scratch or chip is left sitting for too long, it can lead to rusting that is more expensive to repair. Even if it started out as a small scratch, it can eat away at the surrounding metal eventually. Make sure to check your manufacturer’s instructions before repairing a scratch yourself.  What you can do is to run your fingernail gently across the scratch. It’s a deep scratch if your nail gets caught in the paint. This must b professionally repaired. Otherwise, a light buffing polish will remove the scratch quickly.

3. Clean your carpet and floor mats

Your floor mats are there to protect the carpet from wear and tear. But if you have dirty, old floor mats, they will automatically make your car look old and worn down. It’s best if you immediately purchase rubber floor mats with deep grooves. Place these mats in front of each seat, as well as the trunk or rear cargo area to prevent any spills or outside elements from destroying the carpet. If you do have carpet mats, clean them out regularly.

Don’t hesitate to contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio if you need help detailing your car.