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Everything You Need To Know About Paintless Dent Repair (PART 1)
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Everything You Need To Know About Paintless Dent Repair (PART 2)

all_about_paintless_dent_repair_6Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas continues the two-part blog about paintless dent repair. Be sure to tune in weekly for more auto tips and tricks.

all_about_paintless_dent_repair_6There are a lot of advantages when you choose paintless dent repair. Aside from not needing to repaint and fill the body, it is considered much cheaper than the traditional approach. In most cases, service can be finished within the same day. It also poses no risk of over-spraying unaffected vehicle areas and minimizes the risk of getting the wrong color since the vehicle retains its original paint. This is a good thing since a vehicle with the original paint has a higher market value as compared to a repainted one. Regardless if the job is done only on the door or the fender, it is much better to have the original paint as long as we possibly can.

Skilled auto technicians use special tools to push the metal back into its original form. The panel is accessed by removing trim pieces. Depending on where it was damaged, it can be accessed through the window openings or by removing the inner panels. Only a good technician is able to determine and see exactly where the dent ends. He also has a deep understanding where the tip of the tool is while still maintaining a high level of patience to perform such a delicate task.

all_about_paintless_dent_repair_8In a common dent removal scenario, a technician slowly massages back the outside dent’s outside edge back to its original form. Eventually, the dent becomes smaller and smaller as the technician works the outside edge and then becomes so small that it can easily blend with the texture of the paint, making it disappear somehow. The whole process is usually done within one to two hours. The price of paintless dent repair depends on the dent location as well as the complexity of the repair. A typical single dent may cost up to $75 to $100. This is still a good price if compared to traditional auto body repair techniques which may cost up to several hundred dollars.