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My Engine Suddenly Stopped, What Should I Do?

engine_suddenly_stops_2There were about 1.6 million cars reported to have been recalled due to faulty ignition switches. If you are worried that you might add to this number or is scared to be stuck in this dilemma, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas listed down practical steps you can do if ever you find yourself in this situation.

First thing to do is to keep alert and look for a safe place to pull over and stop if necessary. When the engine quits while you’re under way, your vehicle will lose power steering then power brakes. You can still guide and stop your car though it will take longer and may require much more effort.

engine_suddenly_stops_3There are many reasons why an engine power loses. It could be from running out of gas, having a faulty fuel pump, alternator or other mechanical failure. Some models that were recalled reported a problem with a flimsy ignition switch that was easily switched off when a driver brushed against the key or key ring with his knee. When you drive and the ignition key accidentally moves to the accessory position, you can put the gear lever to neutral then restart the engine. You can shift back to drive afterwards. If your engine won’t start again or had stalled for other reasons, try applying the brakes and steer slowly to the side of the road. As your vehicle slows down, you’ll notice that the steering will increasingly feel heavier but still manageable. As much as possible, try to stop as soon as you can and use the emergency brake if needed since the power boost for brakes will disappear after one or two tries. Don’t forget to turn on the emergency flashers and call for help once you’re in a safer place.

engine_suddenly_stops_4Though situations like this can’t be totally predicted, following a good car maintenance schedule can bring chances of getting stuck in this situation and even avoid auto accidents and collisions down by a tenfold. For excellent body and paint repairs and great customer service in San Antonio, trust Miracle Body and Paint.