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Expert Repair for Car Upholstery

Miesbach, Germany - September 20, 2019: Interior of the luxury saloon car Mercedes-Benz E220d (W213).

Damages in a car’s interior as a result of regular use is inevitable. Stains, scratches and holes are only a few damages inside a car that need attention. While signs of wear and tear are normal, they are unsightly and may cause physical injuries. So, it is important to get an expert auto body technician to restore a car’s interior will solve the problem.

Damage in the upholstery of a car is a problem that an auto collision center usually tackles. The upholstery is not only part of the seats inside the car but also of the dashboards, buttons, knobs, and inside of the doors. A technician uses different techniques in repairing the upholstery of a car, as stated in an article on

Scratches and Carpet Stains

A technician uses special cleaners to remove scratches and scuffs on dashboards, door panels and steering wheel.

The carpet inside a car is always prone to damage. It gets grime, dirt and stains very easily. Over time, grime, dirt and stains become stuck in the carpet. The carpet of a car is designed to withstand damage, but there comes a time that it needs to be fixed. A technician can employ extraction methods like the use of special shampoos for dirt and stains.

We don't ignore interior damage that results from a collision
We don’t ignore interior damage that results from a collision

Leather Damage

Leather upholstery looks great, and it’s comfortable. However, leather, can become damaged easily. Scratches and scuffs are common damages to leather upholstery. Thankfully, an auto body shop has special tools and cleaning products that can fix the damages.

Food Stains and Pet Marks

Children and pets can create a mess inside a car and leave stains that are hard to remove. Food and beverage stains, for example, can be all over the upholstery of the car. They are not only hard to remove but they also leave a smell. Having pets inside a car can also make the upholstery smelly. So, a technician must be able to remove stains and deodorize the interior of a car   when dealing with food stains and pet marks.

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