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Four Most Dangerous Highways in Texas

Highways can be very dangerous for cars. In Texas, there are highways that are known to have frequent   accidents. Below you will find a list of the most difficult to maneurver highways where people must drive with caution.


The highway is the second-most dangerous road in the United States. And, it is the most dangerous road in Texas. The highway that connects Galveston to Houston and extends to Dallas had averaged 56.5 accidents that led to deaths for every 100 miles over an eight-year study that was done by the Accident Data Center.


The highway known as Interstate 35 stretches 500 miles. Car accidents on the highway resulted in 290 fatalities in one five-year period. And, it makes the highway one of the most dangerous roads in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle, as stated in the article. Road constructions on Interstate I-35 is frequent and not paying attention to driving  can result in a multiple car pile-up crash.

U.S. Highway 83

The highway that extends through McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. The highway had known 135 traffic fatalities in one five-year period, which puts it in the list of the most dangerous highways in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle.

85 MPH Highway

There is a stretch of Highway 130 between San Antonio and Austin. The are has a speed limit of 85 miles per hour.

Driving at high speeds is dangerous even to the most experienced drivers. The behavior can lead to car accidents, especially on the highways mentioned in the article.

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