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Fuel Economy Tips: Make Your Trip Last Longer Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Fuel Economy Tips: Make Your Trip Last Longer (PART 2)
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Fuel Economy Tips: Make Your Trip Last Longer (PART 1)

Fuel Economy Tips: Make Your Trip Last Longer Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Many car owners dread heading to the gas pump because of the high gas prices. And let’s admit it, car-pooling or buying a better, more efficient car are not really options for most people. Here are some ways you can save money at the pump, brought to you by Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Take it easy

You use up more gas if you drive aggressively. Make sure to go slowly when starting and coasting into stoplights. It will be better if you avoid jamming the breaks. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, aggressive driving lowers gas mileage by up to 33 percent when speeding through the highway and five percent when cruising around town. An independent study showed that gas mileage can be increased by 33 percent just by driving moderately.

  • Limit speed

Controlling speed can be a tough rule to follow. Aside from a life-saving measure, going within speed limit can also be fuel saving. DOT reports that you pay an additional $0.29 in gas when you go above 60 mph. You can save as much as 12 percent by simply slowing down and avoiding over-speeding. That would be like extending your trip by a couple of minutes.

  • Maintain cleanliness

Our trunk tends to be the extension of our closet. It becomes the catch basin of our everyday clutter.Did you know that you could improve gas mileage by up to two percent just by removing excess trunk weight. That is equivalent to a $1 fill up. It may look insignificant, but consider it as extra money for your monthly savings.

  • Avoid idling

You’re spending more gas if you idle for more than a minute. Your idling car gets zero miles while still consuming gas. It will be more cost effective to shut your engine off if you need to stop. It’s not that hard to restart it anyway.

  • Go for cruise control

A study showed that using cruise control can save about 7 percent when it comes to fuel economy. Opt to put your cruise control on instead of keeping your foot on the gas the next time you’re driving.

Be sure to check back in for more tips on how you can increase your fuel economy.