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Get The Most Out Of Your Auto Repair And Maintenance

auto_maintenance_6Some drivers choose to delay auto repair and maintenance to save money. Unfortunately, delaying needed repairs can put the driver and passengers to higher risk of getting into auto accidents and collisions. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio believes that the best way to save money is getting the services of a high-quality and full service auto repair shop. Having a trusted shop will not only prevent auto breakdowns, they can also save you money in the long run. In order to get the most out of repair and maintenance in an auto repair shop, here’s a list things to do and avoid.

auto_maintenance_7Make sure to communicate properly

A good consumer is someone who can explain to an auto technician what is wrong with the vehicle. This will make it easier for the technician to diagnose and fix the problem. You can list down ahead of time the observations you made on your car such as specific sounds, sensations, leaks, smells and make sure to take note how often any of the said symptoms occur. It’s a good idea to also inform the technician the last time your car was brought in for repair since it may be related to the problem you’re currently having.

Make realistic expectations

It is better to plan leaving your car in the shop the whole day when it comes to repairs. Ask the technician upfront on how long the service will be finished. Even if it is going to be just a quick fix, make sure to arrange for yourself transportation to and from the repair shop for emergency purposes. Don’t forget to get an estimate first before letting the auto technician do the repair or maintenance.

auto_maintenance_8Make yourself available for emergency purposes

Don’t forget to leave your contact number with the shop so they can reach and respond to you promptly. Remember that your car may sit and remain unattended for a longer period of time if the technician is not able to contact you for repair approval. This is also for you to know when to head back to the shop.