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The Effects of An Auto Accident on Your Car

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Even the best of drivers may experience auto accidents at times. However, just because there are instances when accidents are unavoidable, it doesn’t mean that you should stop driving carefully. It does mean that you should be aware of the possible effects of an auto accident on the market value of your car, so that you will know the necessary steps to take just in case you are involved in an accident in the future.

The reality is that an auto accident can affect your vehicle’s resale value, thanks to the principle of diminished value. Diminished value refers to the loss of financial worth of a car because of the damage it has sustained during an accident. A car that has been damaged, even after it has undergone repairs, may have a lower resale value than a similar car that is unscathed.

However, it does make a difference which San Antonio Collision Repair shop you entrust your car to after you experience an accident. After all, the quality of repairs can have an impact on how big or small the diminished value of the automobile will be. The post-repair appearance of the vehicle, including the paint color and paint lines, is important. Improper and incomplete vehicle repairs may possibly cause a higher diminished value of your car.

Choosing a reliable San Antonio Body and Paint repair shop, such as Miracle Body and Paint, can help you to minimize the potential diminished value of your automobile by increasing your chances of restoring your car’s original appearance. The goal of Miracle Body and Paint is to make your vehicle appear as if it had never been in an accident at all. Owner Manuel G. Rubio Sr. and the skilled, experienced technicians he employs exert a team effort in order to provide satisfactory service to their clients.

Although the quality of Auto Accident Repair performed on your damaged car is a major factor in determining its diminished value, other significant factors also include the warranty coverage from the automobile manufacturer and the age of the vehicle. You should try to find out if your car is still under factory warranty, as well as if the accident your automobile was involved in will have an effect on the warranty coverage. You should also keep in mind how old or new your vehicle is. In general, the newer the car is, the higher the diminished value.