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How Auto Body Shops Decide to Repair or Replace a part. Part 3

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San Antonio has an average of 400 accidents a day, and that’s on a clear day. For each accident, an  Auto Body and Paint Shop will need to decide whether a part on a car should be repaired or replaced. Sometimes an insurance company will tell the shop what to do, but more often than not it is the auto body and paint shop technicians who decide what is best for that car.  After an accident, there are four possible outcomes for your cars collision repair. Earlier this week we discussed what happens when the collision damage is repaired. Now we will discuss the two options for replacing a part.

More and more, insurance companies are recommending that auto body and paint shops simply replace a damaged part with another body panel. This leads to two possible fixes. First, the shop will need to find a used part. This is where those salvaged cars we talked about last week come in. Sometimes these used parts need to be repaired as well but they are usually a lot less work then the part of the car that is damaged. Finding parts is one of the most time-consuming stages of having your vehicles body damage repaired. Delays can occur when the supplier sends the wrong part or sends a part that is not in good enough condition. This actually happens a lot more than you might think to shops all over the country.  The advantage to getting a used part is that you are getting a factory original part from another car that is the same model as yours.

The second option is getting a new aftermarket part. Many companies specialize in making body panels for just about every make and model of car on the road. These brand new parts are made to match as closely as possible to factory specifications but are not considered factory originals.  The advantage of using an “after market” part is that the body panel usually will be free of defects. Again, delays can occur when the wrong part is sent, this is usually caused by a vehicle being offered in several different trims. Like a GS and GX model of the same car.

Both of the above options are great for getting your car back to looking brand new and at Miracle body and paint, all of our work is guaranteed. We not only offer deductible discounts, we also offer the best auto collision repair in San Antonio.  If you are in need of a quality San Antonio auto body shop stop by Miracle Body and Paint and let us show you how why so many people in San Antonio choose us as their auto body and paint shop for life.