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What Should You Do After an Auto Accident?

Young woman making phone call after accident

It’s common for people to feel disoriented after they have been involved in a car accident. They may feel confused about whom they should consult and what steps they need to take. In some cases, insurance companies may advise them to immediately get an estimate and to patronize shops that they are affiliated with.

This doesn’t mean that you and other people should automatically follow your insurance company’s recommendations if you become involved in an auto accident. There are important reasons why you should have your estimate or repairs done by an independent paint and body repair shop instead of one of the collision repair shops on your insurance company’s preferred list.

Some paint and body repair shops have prearranged deals with insurance companies. These deals may help insurance companies save cash on both labor and parts on repair jobs. These deals, on the other hand, also enable auto body repair shops to get more customers through the recommendations of the insurance companies. However, this could potentially mean that some, though not all, shops might tend to focus on the numbers of the automobiles that they work on, instead of the actual quality of their work.

An independent San Antonio body shop like Miracle Body and Paint guarantees quality repairs and customer satisfaction because it is focused on serving you, not your insurance company. And on top of this, it can also give you significant discount deductibles so you can save money.