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Saving Your Car’s Paint Job
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How Auto Body Paint makes the Auto Body Repair

At Miracle Body and Paint Collision Repair center, we take pride in the work our auto body paint technicians do. We know there there are two important factors that determine how well an auto body paint job looks– the person and the paint.

No matter how great an auto body repair is done, or how skilled the auto body paint technician is, the paint makes all the difference in the world. At Miracle Body and Paint we use the best auto body paint on the market, DuPont. DuPont paints are guaranteed to last for the life of your car without fading or discoloring.  But the best paints need the best body shop technicians to apply it.

Because the paint is the most noticeable part of your vehicle, we hire the absolute best, most experienced auto body paint technicians in the business. Our team knows how to match the repaired parts of your vehicle to your current vehicle color perfectly. We take meticulous care to protect your vehicle from overspray and make sure that your entire auto body repair looks as good or better than new.

If you have been involved in a collision and need your vehicle repaired, contact us at Miracle Body and Paint before you choose any other body shop. We not only do the best work in town, we also give great discounts on your deductable.