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How Auto Body Repair Shops Estimate the cost of repairs. Part 2
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How Auto Body Repair Shops Estimate the cost of repairs. Part 1

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People often ask how Auto Body Repair Shops like Miracle are able to give an estimate on repairs, and how that estimate is consistent with the one given by the auto insurance company. The answer is really quite simple and comes down to 3 factors. Because the State of Texas oversees how much Auto Body Paint and Repair labor can cost the consumer, pricing is consistent. We will break up the estimating process into 3 segments so that you know how each step determines the cost of your Auto collision repair.
Step 1: Determine what is damaged.
Every Auto Body Repair Shop and Insurance adjusted will take a walk around view of the car to see what is visibly damaged on a vehicle, Taking note of body damage and paint repairs that need to be made. The adjuster and Collision Shop representative have a general idea of how much a part cost new and used to replace. The insurance adjuster will write an estimate on getting a used piece first if one can’t be found then a new part can be ordered.
Once the damaged vehicle is in the shop the Auto body and Paint specialist will begin removing panels from the vehicle to see if there are repairs that need to be done to the frame. If there are then a supplement or add-on will be sent to the insurance carrier. If the insurance adjuster believes the shop they will approve the add-on over the phone, sometimes the adjuster will visit the shop again as a matter of procedure to re-inspect the collision damage once the body panels are off the car.
Once every part that needs to be repaired or replaced has been identified, the insurance company allows the shop to purchase parts and begin paint and body repair on the damaged car or truck. The next part of the estimating process is determining how long a repair should take. This step gets a bit tricky and we’ll cover it later.
If you have been in an auto accident and need to have your collision damage repaired, let Miracle Auto Body & Paint repair your vehicle. We will discount your deductible and may even give you a rebate if your auto body damage discount exceeds your deductible. We can give you a free estimate and we guarantee our work.