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How Auto Body Repair Shops Estimate the cost of repairs. Part 3

Auto Workshop Mechanic Inspecting Damage To Car And Filling In Repair Estimate

In this final week, part 3, we will take one final look at how auto body Repair Shops like Miracle are able to give an estimate on repairs that is consistent with the one given by the auto insurance company. We have broken the answer up into 3 segments to make it easier to understand. So If you are just starting to read now, you may want to go back and see the previous weeks post first. Because the State of Texas oversees how much auto body Paint and Repair labor can cost the consumer, pricing is consistent. Our goal is to make you an educated consumer so that you know what to look for when picking a collision repair shop and how each step determines the cost of your Auto collision repair.
The 3rd step in this process, after the insurance company and shop, agree on what is damaged and how long a repair will take, is discounting. Discounting is used by collision repair shops to entice insurance companies to send customers their way.
If you remember, the cost of parts and labor are established by the State of Texas, every auto body shop charges the same rate on the surface. Behind the scenes, however, some collision repair centers will choose to give a discount on the hourly rate charged to an insurance company in hopes that the volume of cars they repair will make up the difference. When this happens, the shop becomes dependent on keeping the insurance company happy so the insurance company may put pressure on getting a car out faster to save on rental car fees. This can lead to problems in the quality of the work and the service given to the vehicle owner.
Miracle, on the other hand, can give those same discounts other shops give to insurance companies to you in the form of a deductible discount. We service just as many cars as those shops but we can be sure to do the repair correctly because we don’t have to worry about losing a contact with an insurance company. If a job needs to take 5 days we will make sure that we do it correctly and don’t rush the car out in 3. As an independent shop, we can make sure that you, the vehicle owner are satisfied with the work done. You pay insurance premiums and expect a certain level of quality. We understand that and strive to keep making you and all of our customers happy.
We hope that the Collision repair estimate process is now clear and easily understood. If you have been in an auto accident and need to have your collision damage repaired, let Miracle Body & Paint repair your vehicle. We will discount your deductible and may even give you a rebate if your auto body damage discount exceeds your deductible. We can give you a free estimate and we guarantee our work.