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How construction and potholes can affect your vehicle

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It’s something we are all faced with daily here in San Antonio, potholes and construction zones. Many areas of San Antonio are filled with orange construction zones for almost years in some areas that are getting a major makeover to help ease traffic in our quickly growing city.

When driving though construction zones, they can always be rather bumpy, leaving your car to be susceptible to damage. Having good tires that are in proper shape will help the stress your car is put under when going though a bumpy area daily. A slow leak can quickly become a flat, and a weak, old tire can quickly become a blowout if you hit a piece of equipment or debris. Driving across a bumpy road can already though off your cars alignment, making it difficult to manage your way though a bumpy road as your tires are struggling to maintain grip, your car has a more difficult time controlling and more importantly, stopping.

Potholes are everywhere, and are sometimes so big you are forced to drive right over them in some cases. Hitting a pot hole cause cause a number of things to happen to your car leaving it damaged depending on the condition of the vehicle, speed and how you were driving. Some things that could happen are damage can that affect the tires, cause fluid leaks and bent rims, or even destroy your exhaust system.