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Choosing the Right Collision Center
Choosing the Right Collision Center
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How Minor Scratches Become Major Problems

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Every car experiences minor scratches from everyday driving, carts at the grocery store, or rowdy kids. These things happen. These small nicks and scrapes are minor when they happen, but when they are not dealt with, they can become a major problem that will become costly, fast. There are hundreds of products on the market, promising to eliminate your scratch completely from your car as if it were real life magic. However, there is only one way to fully eliminate a scratch from the body of a car, and that is to fix it completely. When the paint on your car chips off, it exposes the metal underneath, and when metal is exposed to the environment, with any type of water, it will rust. Even in drier climates, there is still humidity in the air, it rains, or when you wash your car, the bare metal is exposed to the water. When rust forms on the metal, it spreads, and it further breaks the metal down with oxidation. This is why wheel wells, fenders above tires on older vehicles, and rocker panels are the first thing to start rusting. It is because the protective barrier is gone. Often, when the paint is removed from damaged metal, there is more rust underneath, not previously seen before the work was done. Miracle Body and Paint has proven methods to make sure the damage on your vehicle’s exterior is fixed properly to prevent further damage while making the spot look brand new. An auto body shop or collision center has the tools and the knowledge to assess the damage and ensure that the damaged metal, fiberglass, or plastic is properly replaced or repaired. Having the proper work done will also extend the life and value of your vehicle. We are always excited to be your choice for damage and paint repair.