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Choosing the Right Collision Center

Choosing the Right Collision Center

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Getting in an accident can be scary, expensive, and stressful. Choosing the right Auto Body Shop can make a world of difference when it comes to the service you get and the price you pay. The best Auto Body shop doesn’t always mean the biggest, newest place in town. Asking around for recommendations is always a great idea and can help you find those “Mom n Pop” shops with amazing customer service.

Location can play a huge role in what you are going to pay. A Collision Center in the middle of a high-class area is going to charge you more than a shop in a cheaper community, so a few extra miles could save you hundreds of dollars. Call around and get a few estimates before choosing a shop. Ask about the hourly rate, any warranties, and how long they estimate the job to take. At least a one year warranty should be offered, but this isn’t always the case, especially when having work done on a car with high mileage.

Making sure the shop is insured, and never leave your car with one that is not. People have had their cars dropped from lifts, holes punched in places they don’t belong, even stolen, and if a shop isn’t covered, neither are you. Choosing a legitimate shop isn’t rocket science. Looking around a shop or garage and trusting your instincts should work just fine. A shop should be somewhat clean and organized. Things shouldn’t be on the floor to cause fall hazards. Many shops have some sort of certifications on display for customers to see. A receptionist isn’t a requirement, but someone should be communicating with you about your repairs. Almost any accident is stressful but choosing where to have your repairs done doesn’t have to be.